Hi to all. As we build this community we are looking to see what is the best way to connect. We are testing an iOS app and are looking for a handful of people who would be happy to download it and use it to help iron out any bugs etc. Please drop me a message using the chat function if you would be happy to help out here and I will let you know how to download it. Thanks! 


1.     Tell us, in three sentences or less, about yourself

2.     Share what you think is most exciting about the future of work :-) 

3.     Tell us what you really wanted to be as a kid? (OK, you don't have to but we thought it would be fun)


Welcome to the Future of Work Hub Live community! This is a community for Future of Work Hub members only, and its purpose is to help our members learn from and meet other community members.

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1. Do please introduce yourself in the Say Hello Space - we'd love to know about you.

2. Pop over to Updates to see our Topic areas, where we will post links and stories to keep you updated on the issues you are learning about in the membership site

3. Introduce yourself to other HR Futurepreneurs in the Members Space

4. This community wants to recognise your wins, so tell us when you have completed the HR Futurepreneur courses, when you have got a new job, finished a great project or indeed anything else we can celebrate with you over in the Share Your Wins Space

5. We will be introducing Live Q&As, webinars and interviews as the community grows, so keep an eye on the Live Space for information on these

We're delighted to see you here and look forward to your feedback and help in building this community of HR Futurepreneurs.

Here's what we expect from everyone in this community:

·       Be kind to each other. Communities are fundamentally about belonging — there's no need to be mean, rude, offensive, or political.

·       Don't promote, solicit, or spam. There are plenty of places on the Internet for that; this is not one of them.

·       Keep discussions relevant. This is a community about the Future of Work, community building, and related topics. If you want to discuss other topics, there are plenty of other communities

·       Keep what you hear to yourself. This is a private community for members who pay for our product. In general, we'd love for everyone to be as open and transparent as they want to be, but we want their privacy to be respected. 

·       Want to report a bug, or get help from us directly? Please pop back to the Future of Work Hub members area and submit a ticket

If we notice someone engaging in behaviour outside this code of conduct, we reserve the right to remove them from the community.